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No flash will replace a full-fledged studio lighting (although, in the studio with multiple external flashes, you can use the same lighting circuits).

 But it allows to obtain the correct flash-exposed shots with a lack of light in a sequential shooting - especially indoors.

And also greatly gains at light enough, but incorrect, creates sharp  and unsightly shadows - for example, at bright summer day, or against backlight.

It happens that after a lot of time spent to apply the right makeup, selection of colors, clothes and suitable background the result is not as good as expected. And it seems the camera was set up as it should, and interesting background is selected, but the result is not what was expected.

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The famous aphorism "the camera does not take pictures - pictures are taken by the photographer" is indisputable, in the sense that the camera is a tool. And like any tool, camera and lenses are matched for specific tasks. However, the problem is rarely specific enough to be able to adhere in solving them any strict guidelines.